Starting a Profitable Plantain Chips Business in Nigeria

Plantain chips business is one of the most businesses in Nigeria, especially when you live in a city area like Lagos. Despite its competition, its still favours as one of the most selling snacks items in the City. Because of its profitable nature, a lot of SMEs have emerged in the business and the competition seems a healthy one as it contributes to serving the demanding population of Lagos.

In this article, we will teach our audience on;

  • the requirements to start plantain chips business in Nigeria
  • the process of making plantain chips
  • marketing your plantain chips for profitability; and
  • the costing involved in starting a plantain chips business

Requirements to Start Plantain Chips Business

As to the requirements, this is just a pre-requisite to starting whatever SME business in Nigeria. Getting all the details right ensures you are venturing into a business that would guarantee profitability and continuity.

  • Business Registration: For every legal business in Nigeria, it is advisable you register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It gives your business its much-needed identity and ensures continuity
  • Business Space: You need a shop where all production processes would take place for convenience and efficiency purposes
  • Equipment: Depending on the scale you wish to operate, you will need to get all the necessary equipment including Frying Machine, Frying Pan, Sealing Machine, Nylon etc

Plantain Chips Production Process

  • Get the plantains, Wash, and peel effectively.
  • Slice into thin dimension using slicer preferably
  • Add salt to the sliced plantain
  • Put the plantain in water, Sieve the plantain till the water is dried up
  • Fry but ensure you first heat the vegetable oil till becomes hot.
  • Put the slices of plantain into the oil in such a way that they are not stuck together.
  • Stir till the plantains are bright yellow and crunchy. If using ripe plantains, they will be deep yellow.
  • Transfer the plantain slices to a sieve lined with paper towels.
  • Store in air-tight containers when they have cooled down completely and munch away whenever you want.
  • Plantain chips made with unripe plantains hardly absorb any oil while those made with ripe plantains absorb some of the vegetable oil during the frying process

Plantain Chips Marketing

The best form of marketing your plantain chips is to get distributors, those who sell on the highways especially in the city. Give them at a cheaper rate  so they could sell and make profit as you also make your profit

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