Starting a Profitable Mini E-commerce Business in Nigeria

As stated in our previous article where we highlighted the Businesses we can do to make money online, starting a mini e-commerce business is one of the most successful businesses you can start online. As we have advised, it is worthwhile to invest and concentrate on a single line product if you are not ready to compete with the established ones such as Jumia and its international counterpart. One of its major advantages is that it is easier to set up. In this article, we will be revealing all you need as requirements to start a mini e-commerce business in Nigeria.

The Requirements to Start a Mini E-commerce Business in Nigeria

  • Determine Your Product Line: This is the first step when you are about to start a mini e-commerce business. You have to determine which product you want to sell. Be careful when making this decision, ensure it is a product you know so much about and easily accessible.
  • A Website: One of the most important tools needed to get you started with a mini e-commerce business in Nigeria is to create a website that will depict a single line product. The website will serve as a brand or identity for your business to thrive. Ensure the website is simple and easy to navigate as user experience is very important when determining an ecommerce business success
  • Logistics: To successfully run your mini e-commerce business, you need to partner with a logistics company to help with the delivery of the products, near and far.
  • Marketing: This is the heart of any business and the best form of marketing any ecommerce business could adopt is online marketing. The cheapest and probably the best is Facebook as its demography is well tailored towards your marketing needs. We will talk about the best practice of Facebook marketing in our subsequent articles. Apart from online marketing, flyers could also be distributed advertising your product and  website.

Types of Single Line Products Mini E-commerce Business in Nigeria

  • Hair Product
  • Home Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Mobile Phones
  • Underwears
  • Vehicles
  • Groceries


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