Starting a Profitable Computer Game Business in Nigeria

The computer game is as old as technology in Nigeria. It had served as the major source of entertainment for a lot of kids and also a source of revenue for business-minded people. However, despite the emergence of mobile gaming technology, the computer game business still remains one of the most reliable businesses for low-income earners. Starting a Computer game business in Nigeria can be tasking but it is very profitable if you can follow the necessary procedures.

Reasons to Start Computer Game Business

Below are some of the reasons why the computer game business in Nigeria is still relevant:

  • Entertainment is highly rated in Africa
  • Technologically, Africa is still backward
  • Africans like to converge in a place where there are lots of people
  • The soccer game is highly regarded in Africa

Starting a Computer game Business in Nigeria-  The Requirements

  • Space (A shop most preferably)
  • 5 Games with accessories for starter
  • 5 TVs for starter
  • Furniture

If you already have space, you need a minimum of N200,000 to get all the requirements needed to start a Computer Game business in Nigeria. The sum at least will help acquire all the needed resources to start the business

The computer game business is a very lucrative business but care must be taken when buying the equipment. When you consider buying fairly used games, ensure that they are well tested before carting them away with your goods.

Important Things to Consider When Setting Up a Computer Game Business in Nigeria

  • Location: When considering renting a space for the business, ensure the demography consists majorly of youths and school children. This group of people consists of your major target market
  • Spacious: Ensure the space for the business is big enough as you will have to entertain a large number of people as those who are playing the game and spectators. It is important the space is conducive enough to accommodate 20 people
  • Furniture: When setting up, let the furniture be set in a way that the games could sit well and if possible inside a locker so as to guard against theft and damages
  • Game Accessories: Game accessories by nature get damaged often, especially the gamepads, it is therefore important to buy Follow Come fairly used ones as opposed to inferior new ones which are sold at a cheaper rate. This will guarantee long intervals before changing pads and any other gadgets
  • Don’t Neglect PS 2: As old as the game is, it is yet to be completely fazed out. And as a matter of fact, PS 2 remains one of the most patronized in the local setting. Its cheapness and adaptability make it one of the most sought-after.
  • Buy Slim Games: For commercial purposes, your PS 2 and PS 3 games should be the slim or superslim versions as the older versions consume more power and could be frustrating

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Costing for Starting a Profitable Computer Game Business in Nigeria

For the sake of this article, we will give a quick estimation of the games as at March 2021, excluding the cost of acquiring the space/shop as this is heavily dependent on the location. Below are the costs of the necessary things you need to know when considering starting a profitable computer game business in Nigeria

The list below will comprise of the fairly used prices of the necessary requirements to start. You can get fairly used game items in places like Alaba international matrket, Lagos. You can as well buy the games items online.

  • PS 2 Console (Imported Fairly Used): N15,000
  • PS 2 Pad (Follow Come): N3,500 per pair
  • PS 3 Console: N60,000 with games and one pad
  • PS 3 Follow Come Pads (N5,000)
  • PS 4 Console

If you have more questions, kindly comment.

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