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No Danger in 5G Network – NCC Assures Nigerians

The public has been informed by the Nigerian Communication Commission that the new 5G network, also known as the Fifth Generation network, has no harmful health consequences.

The clarification was provided on Saturday in Enugu during a roundtable discussion with participants from the Association of Heads of Federal Establishments by Mr. Ogbonnaya Ugama, the NCC’s Enugu Zonal Controller.

According to Ugama, there is no solid proof that electromagnetic radiation from gadgets like phones are damaging to human health.

He said that the World Health Organization and other international organizations had created a standard that 5G had no demonstrable detrimental effects on both human and animal health.

However, if they had any reservations, the controller encouraged users not to hold these electromagnetic objects, such as handsets, close to their bodies.

“The NCC will take all reasonable steps to protect public safety and to see that all equipment that complies with established standards is approved.

Ugama reaffirmed the advantages of the 5G network, noting that it was created to boost cellular service flexibility while lowering latency and increasing speed.

In comparison to 4G, which has a theoretical peak speed of just one GBPS, 5G has a theoretical peak speed of 20 GBPS.

According to him, “5G can completely change the Nigerian economy, focusing on its expected influence on sectors of government, banking, security, agriculture, healthcare, and even entertainment.”

The controller revealed that Nigeria was the third African nation to deploy a 5G network, and that it was active across six states, including Lagos, Imo, Borno, Kano, Rivers, Oyo, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

By 2025, according to Ugama, additional states would be connected to the network.

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