List of Low Capital Profitable Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria

At times, the most underrated businesses are more profitable than ones whose higher capital is needed to start. These are businesses requiring little or no capital and in as much as people may deem them to be unworthy businesses because of ego, those that venture into the businesses are cashing out big time. Business and marketing decisions still matter when you decide to venture into any of these businesses.

The lists are endless but we will abreast you with few ones that guarantee the businesses are profitable.

Pepper Grinding: Africa is home to beautiful people who consumes pepper a lot. This is a common household commodity consumable on a daily basis. This requires little capital. Other than Grinding machine and space, there’s no much needed in starting this kind of business. Pepper grinding has been one of the most sustainable businesses for low-level grinding machine

Fried Yam: The importance of food items cannot be over emphasized as they form part of the most important commodities in the market. Fried yam business thrive mostly in city areas, a place like Lagos, it is in high demand. In a place like Lagos, Fried Yam serves as snacks as it is gotten and consumed on the go. Highly underrated but significantly contributing to the pocket of the business owners

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