How to Apply for SikaPurse Online Quick Loan App in Ghana

If you are reading this content, then I assume that you want to know more about SikaPurse. Do not worry my dear. We will get to know more about SikaPurse online quick loan today.

SikaPurse Online Quick Loan App is considered to be one of the most popular loan apps in Ghana. Without spending much time, let’s review the SikaPurse loan app.

What is SikaPurse?
SikaPurse is an application that grants quick loans for its users. SikaPurse is similar to Fido Loan app.

How to Apply for SikaPurse Quick Loan

• Make sure that you have internet access
• Open Playstore and search for SikaPurse
• Download the App
• Open the SikaPurse apk
• Sign Up with your mobile number
• An OTP will be sent to you
• Enter the OTP code
• Choose six digits as your preferred code
• Agree to the Privacy Policy
• Click on Sign Up
• Click on Go to apply for loan
• Fill in with your details request your loan

This is how you can register and apply for the SikaPurse Quick Loan App.
SikaPurse App Download

You can download the SikaPurse app by clicking here. Or visit Playstore to get the app
SikaPurse Loan App Reviews

The app has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. This indicate that many people have giving positive testimonies on it.

• Loan registration of SikaPurse is simple
• Users can get up to GH 5000 Cedis
• Customer support of SikaPurse is fast and reliable
• Payment can be done through your bank
• With just voters ID, your loan will be granted
• Loan Payout delay sometimes
• You might not get your desired amount
• Interest rate is high
• Users sometimes encounter OTG problem
• You might be arrested if payment delay
SikaPurse Requirement
For you to apply for SikaPurse Quick Loan, you must meet the following requirement
• You must be a Ghanain
• You must be 22years to 55 years old
• Your monthly income sources
• Valid National ID or Voters ID

SikaPurse Customer Number

In other to contact SikaPurse Customer service, contact them on 0571375874 or email SikaPurse on
Visit SikaPurse with this address
Mensa Wood Ave, Accra


I will not advise you to apply for SikaPurse Quick Loan if you know that you won’t pay. If you do not have any hope of getting any money in the future, do not apply for it. If you have hope of getting some income, then you can go ahead and apply for SikaPurse Loan.

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