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What’s Up with Yvonne Nelson and Her Baby Father?


The dapper romance between Yvonne Nelson and her white sweetheart which produced a baby seems set to crash quicker than it began.

Inconvenience appears to linger between Ghanaian performing artist, Yvonne Nelson and her British infant father, Jamie Roberts.

Jamie Roberts who has adored up pictures of himself and Yvonne Nelson in his instagram page has erased all and furthermore unfollowed her on the social media platform.

Yvonne Nelson has additionally erased all photos of them together and unfollowed him.

Online networking after some time has turned out to be a method for evaluating the quality of the connections of big names which are inclined to consummation rapidly in spite of the underlying energy which takes the features.

Review that Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Daddy is a sentimental man as he took your online networking with the handle @myeyeswide to express how he feels about the on-screen character on valentine day. He likewise shared a portion of her photographs.



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