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SHOCKING! Man Caught on Camera Doing Nasty Things Late Singer’s Corpse


A mortuary attendant may have wound up stuck in an unfortunate situation after he was apparently gotten on tape ambushing late performer, Ebony’s cadaver.

A video cut which catches a man accepted to be the leader of the Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary, Ghana apparently petting carcasses generally Ghanaian artist, Ebony and her companion, Franky Kuri has prompted an open shock the same number of are calling for heads to roll.

The said mortuary man with an ancestral check to his left side cheek was seen holding the head of Franky Kuri while gazing at her simultaneously.

“Unbelievable! Life is too short,” he said and left hold of the head.

“I have taken footage of it. If I see it on social media, I will hold you responsible because I won’t share it,” another person is heard as saying.

Minutes from that point forward, a similar man was caught caressing Ebony’s cadaver until the point when the one taking film requesting that he remove his hands to make sure he films his favored part.

The improvement has created debates as people in general can’t understand why experts of a medicinal office could abuse dead bodies and strikingly film the contemptible action.

In the mean time, Ebony’s dad and her administration have undermined to take lawful activities against Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary.

The accused on the right

Ebony met her unfavorable demise, on Thursday, February 8, when the jeep she was going in, pummeled into an approaching VIP transport. The mishap, which occurred on the Kumasi – Sunyani street, likewise prompted the passing of a military officer recognized as Francis Atsu Vondee and a female associate distinguished just as Frankie, who were additionally on board the Jeep.

The last burial service ceremony of the late dancehall act is slated for March 17, 2018 while Franky Kuri’s is on March 3. Aviator Lance Corporal Francis Atsu Vondee will be covered on March 23.

– (GhanaWeb)



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