SCARY! Man’s Manhood Disappears after Dashing Beggar Some Money – Video


Something terrible occurred in Ikeja, Lagos state on Saturday following the disappearance of the manhood of a man who gave a crippled beggar in broad daylight.

Below is how an Instagram user @Soyeslim who eyewitnessed the incident, narrated the story and shared the video clip on social media;

“This happened at Ikeja Along bus stop on Friday at about 4pm…He’s a beggar who happens to be crippled but is known to take something in exchange from men who give him money….their manhood.

“He did this to a guy who gave him 1k only for to walk away from him and feel his Manhood disappear…I couldn’t video the victim for privacy reasons but here’s a video of the begger in question.

“This is a wake up to all of us…let’s be careful about who give alms to.”

Watch the video below:

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