Man United Evolution Under Mourinho – See Video


It seems the second season factor under Mouinho’s managerial instinct has started to have its impact on Manchester United. Following a brilliant display against Everton on Sunday, United have shown the team does not solely rely on an individual player anymore unlike last season when Ibrahimovic scored over 50% of total goals in all competition.

Pogba will be sidelined for six weeks and Fellaini and Matic have stepped up to fill the void perfectly. United’s first goal against Everton came from a brilliant curly pass from Matic, and a superb volley from the most unlikeliest scorer in the team, Valencia.

United have now scored 20 goals in a competitions this season and from seven different scorers. Unlike last season, United have now scored 4 goals in a match in 3 out of 5 Premier League matches this season. A number of players were seen to have improved under Mourinho. Although, he still takes blame for the demise of some players form including Herrera, but there is no doubt whatever tactics Mourinho is deploying, is working well for the team at the moment. Noticeably among players that have improved this season is Phil Jones who is forming a formidable partnership with Bailly at the Center Back. Both players have managed 4 clean sheets in 5 Premier League games this season

Mourinho is well known for winning the league in his second season of takeover, but he has alot to do this time around as Man City and Chelsea are proving to be a real contender. With the current form, United are certain to be able to see off any second grade team in the Premier League this season, but how will they fair when they face tougher teams as the next few fixtures suggest.

Do you see their form falter any moment soon?

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