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Familiarity! Bambam Spotted Posing with Teddy A’s Mum – Pics


Ex BBNaija housemate pair, Teddy A and Bambam seem to be taking their relationship to its greatest height following the emergence of a new picture featuring Bambam and Teddy A’s mum which has gone trending on Social Media.

The controversial ex BBNaija pair were popular due to their sexual romance in the house’s rest room. Their relationship have grown stronger ever since.

BamBam’ Olawunmi, a graduate of Bells University might be a step away from getting married to Teddy A after establishing familiarity with his family.

Bambam and Teddy A’s mother

When Teddy A and BamBam started their romance in the Big Brother Naija house, many thought the flame was going to die sooner than expect.

The duo seems to be waxing stronger outside the reality show which took place in South Africa. BamBam stood behind her man as he celebrated his birthday yesterday with his mom in attendance.

It was a contest of bright smiles when BamBam and Teddy A’s mom posed together for a picture which reeks of a significant level of familiarity.

Who knows, maybe Teddy A who is a father of one might be proposing to the 29-year old BamBam anytime soon taking advantage of his family’s assumed acceptance of BamBam.



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