DSTV vs TSTV! See What to Expect When TSTV Launches in Oct, 1


Telcom Satelite TV (TSTV), first Nigerian company to provide flexible Pay as You Go digital TV service will be launching in October 1, 2017 and there have been a lot of excitement as many people cant wait to get one. DSTV has been the major digital TV distributor in Nigeria since 1995 and despite that majority Nigerians are still not satisfied the prices of their package.

TSTV promise launching with 100 channels and with decoder to be sold at N5,000 and with options to select channels to be paid for at lower rates. football lovers in Nigeria are beginning to brace themselves for an opportunity to watch their favourite football teams at the comfort of their homes. TSTV will surely be a direct alternative to DSTV at a cheaper price. So I can sense the end of MultiChoice monopoly in the business in Nigeria if TSTV maintains their promises.

Let’s remind us of HITV, they launched in 2007 and was able to buy the Premier League right the following year, 4 years later, they stopped operation due to financial difficulties. Many of their subscribers reverted back to DSTV. With TSTV, we can only be hopeful they come to stay. With so many channels, TSTV may prove to be a very good alternative.

As a competitor, we should expect a swift response from DSTV, they may soon introduce their own flexible packages to be able to keep their heads high in the market but it would be a big step in the right direction for the industry if TSTV could keep their

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