Is Chelsea’s Hazard Really Overrated? This Analysis will Convince You


Eden Hazard is undoubtedly one of the best player in Premier League, considering his contribution to Chelsea’s 2 title triumphs in the past 3 years. Chelsea fans are so obsessed with him so much that he is compared with two of the best players ever liveth ie Messi and Ronaldo. These two players have dominated football at the biggest stage for past 10 years, sharing the Balon d’or between themselves with no other players coming close to challenging them.

Now lets consider the criteria for choosing the best player nowadays. Ronaldo was the only player to have won a Balon dor playing for a Premier League club, achieving such big feat with Manchester United in their Double Trophy winning season in 2007/2008. That year, Ronaldo not only won the EPL and UCL but was also top scorers in both with 31 and 8 goals respectively. He was by far the best player with such achievements that season and ever since he left United to Real Madrid, he has averaged 50 goals per season in his 8 years spent already. Not only that, he has broken both club and competition records, won 3 UCL and 2 La Liga and other European and FIFA trophies such as the Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

Similar with Ronaldo, Messi has set a great standard at Barcelona, break all club goal scoring records and helped Barcelona win a lot of trophies since his emergence in 2003. Aside Messi and Ronaldo, there are some other good players we could mention. Neymar was very instrumental to Barca’s treble winning season while Suarez has also proven himself both at Liverpool and Barcelona. Robben is a very talented player even at his old age, while there are emergence of other good players such as Dybala, Asensio, Mbappe, Martial who are very talented and very young.

In other not to digress too much, is it ideal to class Hazard alongside great players such as Messi and Ronaldo? Looking at stats comparison, absolutely absurd to compare. Hazard no doubt is a very good player, strong, quick and scores some goals. But if you look at his stats since his arrival at Chelsea, you would realize that it is a bit too exaggerating to compare with the great players at this stage. He has scored 72 goals in all competitions in his overall 5 years already spent at Chelsea. Although, he’s won 2 leagues already and one the PFA. Judging by his PFA award which was won in Chelsea’s title winning season in 2014/15, a season when he scored just 14 league goals and could not make the final 3 for the Balon dor award that year. The following season which was a distraught for Chelsea as a team, he scored a lowly 4 EPL goals before recording his best goal scoring form, scoring 16 league goals.

Aside Messi and Ronaldo, there are other players in Europe commanding lot of attention from fans and media alike. Neymar’s and Mbappe’s performances since they joined PSG is more to talk about. Other interesting players are emerging, the performances of players such as Kane, Lukaku, Morata, Martial, Asensio, Jesus and even Rashford are exciting fans at the moment. Only a very good performance will stand you out as the best and being consistently the best will take you to the level of the great players.

Does Hazard possess the attribute of both being the best and consistency. This is a question begging for an answer

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