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Buffalo and Hunter Killed Each Other in a Bloody Fight


A hunter has been found lying dead alongside a buffalo in a forest in Ashanti Region of Ghana. The Oku community in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti Region are struck with grief and fear after a hunter’s corpse was found beside a dead buffalo in a forest reserve.

Samuel Akwasi Onyamo, 60, had gone missing during one of his hunting expeditions only for a search party to find his decomposing body in the forest four days later.

The incident has sent shivers down the spine of residents as police warn hunters in the area to stay away from the Oku Game and Wildlife Reserve which is five kilometres deep into the Kogyai Forest to avert a recurrence.
The family of the deceased say they had no idea the deceased had entered the restricted wildlife reserve so four days after his disappearance, they reported to the police and a search was mounted.

The police said they are surprised the man went that far because that area is restricted and not open to hunting or picking firewood. Over 100 buffalos besides other wild animals are said to be living in the Oku Wildlife Reserve, which it might be the reason hunters like Kojo Sika Nti are motivated to go hunting there.



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