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Breast Surgery Gone Bad as Mother of Three Loses Life


A cute lady who needed to grow her bosom has purportedly lost her life because of intricacy. She remains a topic of discussion in June Wanza via social media after she lost her life a week ago in a bungled medical procedure directed by a unidentified specialist that left her with entanglements.

Here is a report by SDE Kenya on what really happened:

Wanza, a mother of three, is said to have gone for a breast enlargement surgery at the facility in Galleria Mall, Karen of Kenya where the strategy was completed.

When she griped of stomach torment, she was raced to Nairobi healing facility however the agony intensified and was instantly admitted to the High Dependency Unit, at that point the ICU.

Specialists at Nairobi healing center found Wanza’s digestive organs had been cut or punctured amid the growth methodology and her pulse was dangerously low.

Following her disjoined digestion tracts, squander had spilt into her stomach depression the reason for the intense torments.

Wanza created sepsis, a conceivably life-threatening complication of an infection. Sepsis happens when synthetic concoctions discharged into the circulation system to battle the infection trigger incendiary reactions all through the body.

A frantic team of experienced surgeons led by Prof Stanley Khainga attempted to save her life.

‘’It was gas gangrene which is an infection of soft tissues from bacteria on the skin. I was just called in to control that. When gas gangrene gets under the skin, it kills blood supply and eats the fat and whatever remains. If you don’t remove the dead skin then it spreads all over and you can’t control it,’’ Dr Khainga said speaking to The Star.

He explained that he was intervening to control the infection.

‘’The wounds through which the surgery is done are the ones that now become the portals of entry of the bacteria. For her, it was an infection that was too fast. I was just intervening to control that and correct the shock and so on. I was in Nairobi Hospital when they called me. She was a referral. As a consultant, I was trying to sort out the problem,’’ he explained.

The wife and mother who loved to blog about lifestyle passed away on Friday last week and will be buried on Saturday after post-mortem results.

‘’We are having the postmortem tomorrow (June 12th). Allow us to finish that process,’’ her family said through lawyer Jared Orare.

Below are photos of the late June Wanza:



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