Bokoharam Members Gradually Returning Back to Sambisa Forest – Details


The Air Component Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Tajudeen Yusuf, said the fear mongers are bit by bit coming back to their previous fortification.

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has affirmed the feelings of dread of free security investigators that the fear order, Boko Haram might be regrouping. At an instructions in Yola, Adamawa State on Thursday, July 27, NAF said the psychological militants are slowly coming back to Sambisa Forest, their previous fortress.

The Air Component Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, the military operation in the North-East, Air Commodore Tajudeen Yusuf uncovered this to newsmen. Perpetual assault of the forest by NAF and the endeavors of foot troops had flushed the extremists out of their “home office.”

Yusuf said NAF contender streams and assault helicopters had bombarded the psychological oppressors’ alcoves 108 times amongst April and July, 2017. He stated, “Intelligence surveillance and Reconnaissance reports during that time quarter of 2017 demonstrated a progressive return of the Boko Haram psychological militant exercises to the Sambisa Forest. There have been sightings of a couple of Boko Haram exercises in the Sambisa general region, especially in Parisu.

“Subsequently, the air segment led huge ISR missions in the Sambisa general territory. On July 3, an air ban mission was led on Alagarno Camp. A few sun oriented boards were seen on structures in the area, which showed that it was being utilized as a Command and Control office.

“The NAF directed air ban missions with the F-7Ni, Alpha planes, L-39ZA, Mi-17 and the Mi-35M assault helicopters to kill the Boko Haram fear based oppressor focuses inside the theater. “A sum of 108 air prohibition fights were directed from April to June 2017.”


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